About Applied Therapeutics

Applied Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company that uses our novel drug-development approach to create transformative, life-changing treatments for the patients who desperately need them.

Our view is that drug development does not always need to follow the standard approach, which often requires long and costly development programs before drugs become available to patients. We believe that by taking a unique and focused approach, we can significantly shorten the time it takes to bring a drug to market. This is important because when someone is fighting a fatal or debilitating disease for which no drugs are available, every moment is critical.

To do this, we are targeting molecules and pathways whose roles have already been proven in fatal or debilitating diseases. We are applying recent technological advances to design products with increased potency and selectivity. In some trials, we will be using surrogate metabolite biomarkers rather than waiting for clinical endpoints. In others, we may be able to demonstrate benefit in smaller numbers of patients and shorter treatment periods than previously required. All of these approaches can shorten the time it takes to get drugs from the lab and into the hands of the patients who desperately need them.

Our team comprises some of the best and brightest minds from industry and academia. The first molecular target we are focused on is Aldose Reductase, or AR, an enzyme that is known to play a role in many diseases, including Galactosemia, and Diabetic Cardiomyopathy (DbCM). Previous attempts to inhibit the AR enzyme fell short, resulting in treatments with efficacy and safety issues.

We believe that no patient should ever be left stranded without a treatment option because a scientific problem was deemed unsolvable. We believe that by applying the right science and by applying ourselves, no patient will be left behind.